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The Uncle Otto game

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The perfect game for rainy days

Uncle Otto sits in the bathtub.

What can you do when the weather has its own plans? We have the perfect game tip for you!

Do you know the game “Uncle Otto sits in the bathtub”? It not only sounds funny, but it also always ensures a lot of laughs and hilarity. You can play with as many people as you’d like – it’s just important that they can all already read and write. Each person takes a sheet of paper and a pen and writes a relative at the top, for example Uncle or Mother. Then, you fold the name backwards so that the other players can’t see what you’ve written and pass the sheet of paper to the player on your left. Now, you write a name (like Otto), fold the paper back again, and pass it on. Then, you write a verb, like “eats”, “sleeps”, or “sings”, then a preposition, like “on”, “in”, or “next to”, followed by “a” or “the” and a noun, for example “car”, “cloud”, or “window”. When you’ve finished, unfold the paper and read the funny sentences out loud. You’ll find plenty more tips for fun and games when you come and stay at our ski accommodation in the Dolomites.

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