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The Ötzi Express: Discover the world of glaciers by snow groomer.

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The Ötzi Express on the Ötztal Glacier

Brr, it’s freezing cold here!

Exciting: Hop onto a snow groomer to see where Ötzi was buried in the ice for thousands of years.

How can you reach the Ötztal Glacier? You can go on a demanding hike – or be driven there. Non-mountaineers can explore the icy world of the Ötztal Alps with the help of a snow groomer that takes the whole family up to the glacier.

In 1991, a German couple found the mummy of Ötzi, also called the Iceman, during a hike in this area. Did you know that both Italy and Austria wanted to claim the historic mummy? There in the ice and rocks, the border of these two countries was not clear. Later, it was proven beyond doubt that the site is located in Italy, 93 metres away from the Austrian border.

Accompanied by a mountain guide you will gain fantastic insights into the conditions of the eternal ice. Participate in a tour of the glacier caves and let yourself be enchanted by their stunning light plays during your holiday for families. Maybe you are lucky enough to see glacier mills where melt water has washed conical craters into the eternal ice. To get a feel for the true size of the glacier, take a tour on a snow groomer. The Ötzi Express is not only a unique experience from the nearby family hotels in Meran and its environs.


Keep yourselves warm during your visit in the eternal ice!
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