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Val Venosta/Vinschgau Riding through the west

Giddy up! Horseback riding in South Tyrol’s “Wild West”

Did you know that the progenitor of Haflinger horses, stallion Folie 249, was born in 1874 in Val Venosta/Vinschgau? This also explains why riding is so popular in the "Wild West" of South Tyrol. The unique natural landscape with its green valley, rugged mountains, and majestic glaciers forms the perfect backdrop for your family holiday in South Tyrol on horseback. What are you waiting for? Hop onto the saddle and ride through the prairie.

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A ride through Val Venosta

Riding possibilities in Val Venosta/Vinschgau

Vill organic riding farm in Schlanders

It’s all about the connection right. The Vill organic riding farm in Schlanders you’re sure to find the horse that truly suits you and accompanies you on extended riding tours. Beginners learn to sit firmly in the saddle.

Ansteingut horse farm in Prad

The Ansteingut horse farm is home to twelve horses and ponies. Hop onto their saddle and ride along the Prader Sand river delta. You’re still a beginner? Then get help from a pro!

Rona Ranch in Martell

The Rona Ranch in Martell is perfect for riding, but not only … The motto after the riding lesson: Cast out your fishing rod, because many a splendid specimen swims in our own pond.