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Hopping bunnies and chirping chicks:

Let’s make some friends for the Easter Bunny.

Easter is just a few weeks away, and we want to start decorating.

Would you and your kids like to make some friends for the Easter Bunny? All you need is some empty toilet paper tubes, which you wrap in coloured card. Then, take some more card (it can be the same colour or different, as you prefer), cut out little bunny ears and paws, and glue them to the roll. Now all that’s missing are some wiggly eyes, beard hair made of thin, white card, a little nose, and a drawn-on mouth. Your Easter Bunnies are ready! They look great together with homemade chicks. Make two different sizes of fluffy pom-pom out of light-yellow wool (to do that, wrap the wool around a doughnut-shaped piece of cardboard lots of times, and then cut the wool along the edge), and attach the little pom-pom to the big one. Then, stick on little beads for eyes and a beak made of orange paper, and put the chicks in clean, open egg shells. They’ll give your house a very special Easter feeling! Or you could even bring them with you on your Easter holiday at our family hotels in Italy!

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