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Ines - 32 years oldFamilienhotel Alphotel Tyrol

The inner child OR being best friends

If you have time, don’t take the most direct way via the autobahn to Sterzing then speed through Ratschings to the Alphotel Tyrol: turn the journey into a sightseeing tour instead. And so three generations of the same family – vivacious grandmother, high-spirited 3-year old son and mummy (that’s me) – chugged along in their white car (now showing signs of age) into the Passeier Valley, high up over the Jaufen Pass, then down to the green village of Ratschings. Travelling like this, with so many bends on the road, there’s no chance of the trip being dull. Little Emil even welcomed stops for photos. And the surroundings ARE so beautiful and green and promising and so “mummylookatthatmummylookatthat”.
If you have time…
“Mummy look!” Even from a distance, Emil had seen the playground. It was so big it was hard to miss. And he was already taken by the hotel – as were we. Arriving here takes your breath away, for children and grown-ups alike. The lobby is enormous, just like the whole hotel complex. You need signs to find your way around! After a welcome drink on the sun terrace we felt we had truly arrived on holiday. But we could hardly wait to find the playground, so off we went to explore.

Age is not a measure of youth!
“Slide-sandpit-llamas-bridges-rabbits-climbingtower” Emil said. And I said: “That’s right.” And then we tried them all out, one after the other. Together we played, laughed, and had fun. Finally the chance to be a child again, I thought, as we zoomed down the Flying Fox together once more. And Emil said: “My best friend” and hugged me.

Then, in the distance, an old, red tractor suddenly came rattling over a field. Noisy children were sitting on the trailer. Without a second thought we too were holding onto the back. I didn’t dare go on the pony, however, which would have certainly collapsed under my weight. Emil trotted along on his own while his grandmother busily took photos.

And then the two best friends set off fishing. The hotel pond has fish of all shapes and sizes, with junior anglers allowed to fish for their own supper. Naturally we also had to see who could catch the largest fish. I secretly egged on my blond-haired mini-fisherman and crossed my fingers. That always works, as we all know. And sure enough he pulled out the biggest catch!

Anything fish can do, we can do too, we thought. So we leaped together, not into the pond, but into the hotel pool with its counter-current, massage jets and sliding door that connects the indoor pool with the open-air pool outside. And as the mountains glimmered in the twilight, we splashed and dived until we were exhausted. Best friends, out in the open air. Grandma meanwhile had gone to discover the hotel’s spa suite. “You don’t know what you’ve missed!” we shouted at each other when we met up again at dinner. But then we told each other about all the lovely things we had done that day.

And variety was also on the menu at dinner, although the word does not really do justice to such a culinary treat. The salad buffet featured as many highlights as the day, the menu offered as many items as we had had adventures, the dessert looked so enticing that it was a shame not to be able to squeeze any more in. We rolled back to our room, looked down from the balcony a while onto the large playground and the darkening valley, until Emil happily went off to bed on his own (he had a whole floor to himself!) and hugged me one last time.
“You’re my best friend” he said again. “You’re my best friend too”, I said.


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